PHP 7 interview questions

PHP 7, released at the end of November 2015 is a far more optimized version which helps developers to double the performance of website. Right with the launch of PHP's newest version, another discussion is capturing the attention of the World Wide Web. PHP 7 is an attempt of the communities that support the platform against the increase of HHVM. The aim is to build a platform which works 100 times faster than PHP 5 and PHP6. PHP 7 is a long time attempt of communities that have obtainable stable help all the time. Therefore we can expect fast performance and less number of bugs in this new version of PHP.
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    PHP 7 interview questions and answers ( )

    Posted By: Sunita 2 weeks ago
    Read 10 Best PHP 7 interview questions and answers for freshers. PHP 7 lightweight, faster and advanced version on PHP programming Language. Here you can read new features introduced in PHP 7, about Anonymous classes, Null coalescing operator and more
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    PHP 7 Interview Questions and Answers By Anil Singh ( )

    Posted By: Arjun 2 weeks ago
    PHP 7 is used to developed and delivered for mobile to enterprises and the cloud. PHP 7 offers faster performance, reduced memory consumption, anonymous class options, etc.
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    Top PHP7 Interview Questions ( )

    Posted By: Gauri 2 weeks ago
    PHP 7 is the latest upgraded version of PHP programming language. It is used to create a dynamic website. If you are PHP fresher or experienced developer and want to sharpen your PHP skills before appearing in an interview then you must read these interview questions on PHP7.
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    Mostly asked Questions interview Questions on PHP 7 ( )

    Posted By: Afzal 2 weeks ago
    In this video, we have collected some best and Mostly asked Questions interview Questions on PHP 7. Here you can read about PHP scripting language which you are bound to face in PHP or web related job interviews.