Magento Interview Questions for experience

What is Magento and who is created it?

Magento is a E-commerce software and it was created by Varien and is useful for online business.
1:It is an opensource.
2:It follows flexible model of architecture.
3:Many control options are present in magento and it is scalabl.
4:It is an Ecommerce platform which gives businesses ultimate E-commerce solutions and all type of support networks.

Besides other E-commerce software why we choose magento?

Benefits of using magento:
1:It is an open source E-commerce software.
2:It provides small companies to build there business on web.
3:It is scalable.
4:Fetures like availability of products,serching of products can be done in many ways in magento.
5:Integration with third party sites can be done easily.
6:A customer can order products,cart products,buy products and can do all these types of operations vary easily.

What are the web-hosting websites of magento?

Most of the web-hosting sites are as follows:

Disadvantages of magento?

1:Large disk space and memory is required for magento.
2:To build the customized functionality,it takes much time.
3:As compared to others E-commerce websites,it is slower.
4:For hosting,magento needs proper hosting environment.With improper hosting environment user can face problems.

What are the web-server that supports magento?

These are the web-servers that support magento:
1:NginX 1.7.X
2:Apache 2.X

What are the names of magento products?

Products can be things or items that are sold in magento for satisfying customers need.Both services and physical products comes under products.

What are the product types that are present in magento?

In magento the product types are:
1:Simple products
2:Grouped products
3:Configurable products
4:Virtual products
5:Bundled products
6:Downloadable products

Explain details of inventory in magento?

It allows to setup the quantity of products available in stock.
Example:Suppose there are 50 units of products are available in stock,if we set the stock availability is “Out Of Stock”,than it will force the item to be out of stock.

What are the categories available in E-commerce?

These are the list of categories:
1:Business to Business(B2B)
2:Business to consumer(B2C)
3:Consumer to Consumer(C2C)
4:Consumer to Business(C2B)

In Manage Tax Rate Window,what does Rate Percent mean?

In Manage Tax Rate Window,Rate Percent specify the percent of the tax rate.

In Manage Tax Rules,what does Priority Field Specifies mean?

In Manage Tax Rules,priority field specifies when the tax should be applied to other tax rules.

How to define Zero subtotal checkout panel in magento?

In magento zero subtotal checkout panel means,it is a payment option that display total order is zero and there is no need to enter payment details for the customer.

In magento What does mean 3d Secure Card Validation Field In Saved Cc?

It is security functionality,it needs when the customer complete the purchase order.

What are the methods available in Paypal Payment Gateways?

There are two methods available in Paypal Payment Gateways.These are
1:Payflow Link (Includes Express Checkout)
2:Payflow Pro (Includes Express Checkout)

In magento define Payflow Pro?

In magento it is called customizable payment gateway and that can be used with merchant account to process credit card transaction.

Define Payflow Link in magento?

It is called hosted payment gateway which keeps customer on your site by providing easy and fast way to
add transaction processing to your site.

In magento how to define My Cart Link Panel?

Using Display Cart Summary field,my Cart Link panel specifies whether the number of different products or quantities in the cart should be shown.

Define Google Checkout In Magento?

Google provide an online payment processing services,which is called google checkout.It is similar to PayPal which simplifies the paying process for online purchases.

Define magento manage order?

Order management is the most important part in magento,that allows to run the business effortlessly and makes the customer happy to visit the site in future.

Define Google Analytics in magento?

It is perfect google service for managing websites and also add analytic to magento store with E-commerce tracking and conversions of there websites

How to get top 10 products programmatically in Magento?


How to turn on Development mode in Magento?

Create a file named as development.flag and upload it to Magento home directory containing following code.

[SyntaxHL]$developmentFile = ‘development.flag’;

if (file_exists($developmentFile)) {
include_once dirname(__FILE__) . ‘/errors/503.php’;

How will you get first  from the collection in Magento?

[SyntaxHL]$collection->getFirstItem() ;[/SyntaxHL]

How will you get last  from the collection in Magento?


How to run custom query in Magento?

[SyntaxHL]$db = Mage::getSingleton(‘core/resource’)->getConnection(‘core_write’);
$result=$db->query(‘SELECT * FROM TABLE_NAME where id=ID’);[/SyntaxHL]

How can you include an external css file to Magento?




Difference between Mage::getModel() and Mage::getSingletone() in Magento

Mage::getModel(): It creates a new object.
Mage::getSingletone(): It first checks the existence of object and if object doesn’t exist, then it creates a new one.

What is EAV in Magento and how many table created by by EAV module in magento?

EAV stands for Entity Attribute Value. It Helps to add unlimited column in database in later in order to not change the base table which has already been designed.

 EAV module Generally generate 6 table listed below.

  • module
  • module_datetime
  • module_decimal
  • module_int
  • module_text
  • module_varchar

How to print Current URL in Magento?

By below line of code you can get the current url in magento.

[SyntaxHL] echo $url  = $this->helper(‘core/url’)->getCurrentUrl();[/SyntaxHL]

How to convert  default currency to some other currency in Magento?

[SyntaxHL]$NewPrice = Mage::helper(‘directory’)->currencyConvert($price, USD, INR);
// USD — From Currency
// INR –  To Currency[/SyntaxHL]

How can you get  total price in shopping cart of magento?

[SyntaxHL]$TotalPrice =  Mage::getSingleton(‘checkout/cart’)->getQuote()->getGrandTotal();[/SyntaxHL]

How to Manage Session in Magento?


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