IT Tools and Network Basis MCQ

IT Tools and Network Basis MCQ

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  • 30th Sep, 2022

O Level IT Tools and Network Basis MCQ

Following are mostly asked It tools and network basis MCQ test that are designed for professionals like you to crack you interviews. You can take this It tools and network basis online test before appearing to you real interview. This It tools and network basis quiz there are around 30+ multiple choice questions on It tools and network basis with four options.

1) Which one of the following is not a type of massaging service?

  • A. Instagram
  • B. Snapchat
  • C. Youtube
  • D. Telegram

2) What does OTP stand for

  • A. Only Text Password ( OTP )
  • B. One Time Password ( OTP )
  • C. On Time Password ( OTP )
  • D. None of these

3) In optical disks, which of the following techniques is used?

  • A. Electrical Technology
  • B. Laser Technology
  • C. Mechanical Technology
  • D. None of these

4) Email operates across computer networks, primarily the Internet, and also local area networks.

  • A. True
  • B. False

5) What is the full form of URI

  • A. Uniform Resource Internet
  • B. Universal Resource Information
  • C. Uniform Resource Identifier
  • D. Uniform Resource Introduced

6) What is the first layer of OSI model?

  • A. Application Layer
  • B. Transport Layer
  • C. Communication Layer
  • D. Physical Layer

7) What is the full form of EPROM?

  • A. Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
  • B. Erasable Procedural Read-Only Memory
  • C. Erasable Programmatic Read-Only Memory
  • D. Efficient Programmable Read-Only Memory

8) Which is the most commonly used Internet Protocol?

  • A. PPP
  • B. TCP/IP
  • C. SMTP
  • D. None of these

9) What is placeholder?

  • A. Used to hold the text on the slide.
  • B. Used to hide the text on the slide.
  • C. Used to hold the text on the textbox
  • D. Both a & b

10) What is the size of IPv4 and IPv6?

  • A. 48-bit & 128-bit
  • B. 32-bit & 128-bit
  • C. 32-bit & 48-bit
  • D. 24-bit & 48-bit

11) Which shortcut key is used for help in PowerPoint?

  • A. F7
  • B. F4
  • C. F1
  • D. F3

12) Who developed UPI interface?

  • A. Reserve Bank of India
  • B. National Payments Corporation of India
  • C. Bank of India
  • D. None of these

13) DVD is based on ________.

  • A. Digital versatile disc
  • B. Optical Disk Technology
  • C. USB pen Technology
  • D. Both a & b

14) Which of the following is a search engine?

  • A. Firefox
  • B. Bing
  • C. Chrome
  • D. Internet Explorer

15) What is the character limit for a tweet?

  • A. 140 Characters
  • B. 180 Characters
  • C. 240 Characters
  • D. 280 Characters

16) Which of the following refers to the fastest, biggest, and most expensive computer?

  • A. Personal computer
  • B. MAC
  • C. Supercomputer
  • D. Laptop

17) What is the example of Twitter?

  • A. Social Networking
  • B. System application
  • C. E-mail system
  • D. None of these

18) The command to view the contents of a file in LINUX is

  • A. View
  • B. CAT
  • C. alias
  • D. Both a & b

19) Accessing e-Governance Services on Mobile using UMANG APP

  • A. True
  • B. False

20) The crime that involves computer and network is known as __________ crime.

  • A. Political
  • B. Cyber
  • C. Drug
  • D. White‚Äźcollar

21) what are the applications of Internet of things (IoT)?

  • A. Smart homes
  • B. Smart cities
  • C. Wearables
  • D. All of above

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